Triptych 2018

AMFI Year 2/ Semester 4 (2017/2018)

Three departments, 10 groups and three weeks.  Second year students of AMFI went on the rollercoaster called ‘Triptych”. Everyone approached the project in a different way, and had different experiences and learning moments.

The TV is off

At my home, the tv has never been on. Quite simply, I didn’t have one. Unfortunately, the tv is not off in everyone’s homes. It is actually on too often. A world without television, can you imagine? Real communication, without filters. A concept made very clear by the TV Is Off, offering us garments mixing futuristic and forgotten fabrics. A mix of a world torn between reality and illusion.

“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.”         William S. Burroughs