Entrepreneurship & the purpose economy

AMFI Year 2/ Semester 3 (2017/2018)

Oftentimes consumers are not particularly aware of their needs and for a young entrepreneur the art of selling is convincing the consumer that he does have that need. Simply defining a need does not suffice, what purpose can this product serve or what additional meaning can this product have? Redefining concepts such as ‘profit’ and ‘success’ by determining their meaning for society, the workers and the local environment has therefore become important. Would you perhaps care to solve a social issue and set up a business to do that? Are you able, as an entrepreneur, to come up with something that does not only meet a need, but simultaneously creates a need or addresses another, existing need? What significance can the product you are going to rent/lease/sell have for our economy?

Result (partly fictional)
Guard Label is the premier lifestyle clothing brand for our generation – the social generation, young female entrants in the labor market. We challenge each of you to know your limits and defy them, because when you know them you can reach your unfulfilled dreams. Live your life on the edge and push yourself every single day to do things differently.

Guard Label is dedicated to make the most reliable and best fitting garments on the market, that’s why every piece is made of a 100% upcycled material. We keep materials in the loop to reduce the need for new resources. We stand by our quality, and our care for the environment.


“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.”         William S. Burroughs