Fashion & Identity

AMFI Year 1 / Semester 2 (2016/2017)

The connecting theme in semester 2 is Fashion & Identity. "Identity", as in the identity and visibility of a clothing collection and brand, plays an important role in fashion. It includes, of course, our own identity: what we have to offer, what we can do and what we want.

All the activities and studies that we will be doing this semester are organized around one central principle, namely the development of a collection, a basic package of clothing, a brand that, so far, has no clothes in its brand portfolio.

The semester was divided into four phases. These phases follow the usual pattern of steps within the industry: from concept to design, from design to manufacturing and from production to finance. During this semester, we worked in groups and individually.

The Camper brand stands for playful, creative freedom, simplicity and comfort.

Camper lab is an innovative line of Camper that we have focused on, in this new line a new target group is approached and in which experiments are done with different materials and shapes.

Colour outside the lines, follow the lines, zipper off and on and above all feel the freedom to go outside the lines.

The target group of Outlines is the Yurtat (young experimental alternative trendsetter) a young man, who finds it important in society to express his own creativity and to feel free.

Important for this target group: the clothing piece has to be comfortable around the body, a lot of changing looks, quality in fabrics.

We have chosen as a specific target group for a men's line, this comes from previous research. The man is becoming more and more outspoken in ways of dressing, we see this as a gap in the market.

“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.”         William S. Burroughs