3D hypercraft (Minor)

AMFI Year 3/ Semester 5 (2018/2019)

3D hypercraft (Minor)

This minor is al about the experience of developing a highly personal vision on clothing. With a visionary approach of fashion and its importance in today’s world where creative thinking is necessary.

Translate  ideas into a challenging way of designing in the virtual world of 3D prototyping.

More soon.. check process here: alwaysconsiderate

Research question
What are the tasks of our day-to-day items expected to perform, and how do we see this in the future? 

So the ultimate goal is to design a product or products, that will be used because we need to. For this research I’ll come across subjects like;

-      How to define the function of Fashion in current society?

-      Irrelevance in fabrics, Layering

-      Additional functions, of (for example) pockets

I should think about how and why garments are used, and by whom, as a central part of the design process to assure that the designs or products not only can be used, but will be used.

Process images:

“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.”         William S. Burroughs